More Cube3 OpenSims Images

Ive now imported some more craft and got the movies working.

More Cube3 Open Sims Build Images

Ive now imported a few vehicles, a cubepod, Sunfish, and Albatross into the Open Sims. They don’t fly yet, will try scripts soon. And Ive installed a Large screen C3 SKY CINEMA on the sim. Movies are Working! take a look! Try the Hippo Viewer.

Cube3 Article on 2d/3d Design and Interface at Maxping magazine

Maxping has republished an updated version of the 1996 article I had written on the fundamentals of 2d and 3d interface and why they differ an how developers and designers can use both types of presentation for their work.

It can be read at

Cube3 Opensims Space

For a while Ive had an opensim at ReactionGrid. They seem to be one of the more professional Open Sims providers and I hope to work more with them. Cube3 is listed as a developer partner, and I hope to get them the Cubepods which they had originally bought in Second Life for their sim work with Microsoft.

This is a test post with an image of the openspace cube3 sim.