Here’s a test of the Officepodz in Unity3D. Imported well as FBX file. Still need to clean up some textures, and Im looking for someone with the multiuser server set up to try it as a meeting space. The engine is very good. Frame Rates quite high.

Reaction Grid Lists Cube3 Products

ReactionGrid has posted the C3 Products. CampusPodz, Mod Pods, Sky Cinema and Lounge.


Also Maxping has a writeup and some comments:


Contact Cube3 for any Demos or just visit at the Cube3 Sim at ReactionGrid.

Corporate Prices Listed, We can work out Educational, Non For Profits, or Customized build Pricing as well. Just Email  😉


Cube3 Campus/OfficePodz in Reaction Grid- Open Sims

Here are some images of the new officepodz B2B /education Campus. For License now ReactionGrid. Email larryr@cube3.com for more info.

Updates at Cube3 Sim – Skybar Lounge/more