Social Game Designs – HERSHEYS

The Following were part of a pitch for HERSHEYS. It consisted of a Portal and Facebook Games that would interlink via Candy as Currency. Cool Ideas. maybe for someone else;)

CLOUDSLAM Virtual EXPO – Conference Hall

I used the base modular system I designed for Altadyn to create this specific Expo Hall based on the Expositions Needs.

More Screenshots of the Design at:

Virtual Browser Based Presentation Theater 3DXplorer

Another Altadyn Project built with 3DXplorer – A 100 avatar theater space.

Browser based Conference Room – 3Dxplorer

A web based 3d conference room built for Altadyn with 3dxplorer

Leonardo’s Workshop Exhibit- WIP

Leonardo's Workshop Exhibit

Also using web based 3Dxplorer, this is a Work In Progress and part of a larger vision for the World of Leonardo Online.

3DXplorer EXPO Hall done for Altadyn.

This Video shows (a minute or two in) the 3D Virtual EXPO Hall I designed for Altadyn using 3Dxplorer.