“Fast , Easy and Fun….”

Another monthly change announce by a virtual worlds “ISP” or “game studio” or “whatever they are this month.”

“Fast, Easy, Fun”  –  A language of Fads.

After a half decade or so of taking many peoples time and value…don’t you all think it’s finally time for “Measured, Applicable  and Fair” ?

Test of a VenueGen Meeting

Test of Venue

A meeting test

Was easy to use when installed and running. The only caveat was the large app install, that took on a wifi a few hrs. Was in Starbucks:) Once installed it looks to be a very good virtual presence/meeting/collaboration application. With some more abilties to control the world as a dynamic place, and your avatar in it, this could be a very powerful tool online.

C3 Sky Cinema made a SL Destination Pick of Week.

Sky CInema Fly In - Editors Pick Second Life



(above link is not active- its now in EDITORS PICK CATEGORY)


This was a surprise..I think it must have gone up Friday of last week, would explain the small flurry of sales of the C3 Virtual Spaceships. It took Linden Labs 4 years to promote 3rd party creative work on a  website;)  Ill alert the folks at Cinema Insomnia;)

Updated Cube3 VR Offices – Web Browser Virtual Worlds

An Updated Cube3 VR Office Campus using 3Dxplorer. No Plugins needed, Click on the Banner on the Cube3.com Hompage, Enter Offices as a Guest or Register an Avatar.