Far from Corporate Clean Designs and another blast from the Second Life past is the ALIEN FLYING CIRCUS AND BAZAAR . A floating interdimentional den of ill repute known to teleport between the hyperspace grids. It was a resident favorite, even with the NIRL’s untill they “shunned”  me for having  professional design ethics;) but it’s long been gone from the SL mainland grid.  Ive been thinking of licensing it out to the new open sims grids. It’s not youre run of the mill “bauhaus” office with pixel “herman miller” chairs, but if you have an interest in the environment, especially for more entertainment or social uses on your new open sim regions, please let me know. Email me, and we’ll find a way to have it’s owner Mon-Ti  make it  “show up” on your grid.:) –

CampusPodz in Use – Flashback DNV Education Summit 2009

Ive been doing a little portfolio house cleaning this week. Since the Educational usage issues that hit SL and the Open Sims interest peak  I  posted the announcement of the CAMPUSPODZ discount offer. Here’s a screenshot from a customised usage of the CampusPodz within SL in 2009 for a LEARNING SUMMIT held for DNV Employees over a long weekend. A large multinational corporation, DNV was exploring the uses of remote- virtual environments to train and educate new workforce members. Cube3  was able to customize the CampusPodz system to fit  the 4096m parcel we rented for them for a month, add new graphics, and video links, do it all within a week, and have the event right on schedule with no problems.:) Again, email me at if youd like to tour or license the Campuspodz for open sims

50% off Special on Cube3 CampusPodz in Open Sims.

article at Hypergrid Business… email me for more info.