Politics, CA Elections and Virtual World Dreams and Realities

Im reading more and more posts from Second Life refugees and survivors that are predicting and lamenting the fate of their “virtual world” reality. One common online discussion is all about the addition of “meshes” to import into SL and the “idea” that this will “destroy” the “society of virtual worlds like SL” Theres a strong “we need easy inworld tools” contingent who believe that ‘everyone HAS to be a creator of stuff” to have a “world”.

A few comments:

1. SecondLife was never a world..or a “good” model for a sustainable society that could compare to democracy as a way to run “a world” . It had elements that “looked” democratic like the easy tools to make a prim, but other parts of the business system canceled out any “freedom” or “rights” that any user truly had. Most of this is now apparent to finally a majority of the SL users after 5 years.

2. If any “virtual media”  lessons can be learned in a larger than just Linden Lab way, Its that SL created a mirror simulation of the “desktop publishing” era of creative “freedom” for users of its systems/tools. Amature and Experts of a past media became leveled and alot of “stuff” was generated. But like all cycles that will soon become dominated by ROI, a professional class will emerge based on skill and relationships. SL as a walled platform has always worked this way, and the addition of other tools to its content creation pipeline has alsways been its methods of tehc growth, no matter what internally happens within the experiment- the SL grids and its customer base. In any case, no matter where a person is in this “game” either to benefit or not from the latest LL plans, one can be happy the results are trapped within the walled sytem of SL.

3. Whats most uncomfortable is the “ideas” that keep being broadcast by those “making the bank” via the SL /LL systems  that these “ways” to govern and interact within society are needed in the outside -aka realworld. and our government systems. Worse they see “virtuality” and “virtual worlds” AS mechanisms to govern.

Maybe they should wait until the “experiment” is over before they write their grad papers or want to be realife leaders of the larger society beyond the coders they employ.

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