The LabZONE for Showtime ( Web3D Showcase c.2001) – Revisited

I used the “wayback” machine to find these links. In 2001 I produced a website for Showtime Networks dealing with “alternate media” that wasnt part of its flash or video QT based “festivals”. The site was mainly focused on Web3D and some Augemented Reality projects that were being produced (yes way back in 2001) One of the breakthroughs at that time was an animated short by the ILL CLAN that won the festival. It was done in a technique they called “machinima” which most hadnt heard of at that time;)

Many of the games and projects shown will appear very much like many of the web3d or machinima projects youll see today- a decade later. and many of the core technologies are similar. Sadly this site launched in September of 2001. Surfice it to say, I as well as Showtime, in NYC- didnt feel the ability to “ra ra cheer” and promote very much for the next few months.  The site and the works shown now only make up the past of web3d. A past that has some of its main text archived, but not the actual “art” or “experiences” created. They no longer are for the most part accessable since the creators/owners of the technologies no longer enable it.

Lets look at this post as both a visit to the past, and hopefully a suggestion of what we should be thinking about today, so that the future has less empty archives, filled mainly with “reviews” and “critiques” but none of the “actual creative works” to examine.  Let’s Think about that.;) C3

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