Blue Mars Seems to be in the Red.

It seems that Avatar Reality, the makers of the virtual world platform “Blue Mars” hasnt had too much success in gathering a PC based “user generated” creative content world. Im not surprised given my experiences following the web3d – 3D design/creative markets for almost 20 years. They have announced a “restructuring” and new direction to move to ipad/iphone access of their platform. How this factors into the high end crytek engine they touted for years , or the OTOY streaming 3d systems they spoke of last year as the “best way” to do things, none of us know. What we do know is that early adopters and content makers again have been placed in the position of having “almost nothing” as the “tech platform” maker shifts and slides from one vision of self interest to another.

This continues the 15 year jouney of web3d to go beyond the “visions” of the “vc funded coders alone” and toward those who can make fuller products and services that can succeed beyond the tech press and culture/buisness. Its just a shame as the model to make games keeps showing a return when you combine good creative design, good technical design, good marketing and adult supervision in production and consumer services.

Shame, it’s all just more SYD MEAD visualized worlds, we’ll never get to see or experience virtually.

It’ll be interesting to see what “design” of application, Avatar Reality brings to ipads/iphones and mobile devices. One hint. – Deep immersion for mobiles is the cause of all those driving accidents and street bumps that continue to add up.:) and there’s many dress up doll apps in 2D that do the job and are easier to create dress patterns to sell.:)

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