Why are 3D Films and TVs Failing to be a Success?

I just caught the latest episode of the new EBERT REVIEWS movie review tv show back on PBS.  The new film “produced” by James Cameron “SANCTUM” Was reviewed, and like just about all “3D films” of the last 2 years , the reviewers end up saying “WHY 3D? THIS TECHNOLOGY BRINGS ALMOST NOTHING TO THE FILMS” or at best, it’s a fun stunt for some animated kids films. The same goes for 3D Televisions- LCDs Monitors are which are also receiveing faint praise and just “not making TV any better”.  Im not surprised about any of this and think I have an answer as to why.

Simply, Films and TV- Story Media is about the EAR. About Hearing via Seeing the movements. They are EYE/EAR Media  (mcluhan 101)– And 3D- offers nothign to make this easier, in fact it makes viewing, thus listening harder as it adds another dimention of interface- interference.

Now 3D works great- for Games and Interactive Interface, and when Interface is the main usage for those 3d lcd screens, we may see some successes in the market. The HAND / EAR  is the interactive mediums tools, and maybe the next gen of tablets and web3d media will show it clearly. Evidence of the HAND /EAR interface?-  Q. What does “everyone do in a  3d movies audience?  – A. they “reach out with their hand and try to touch the flying bubbles. or sword blade stuck toward them”. -but the actions fails –  they can “attempt” interaction… but they cant affect the story, the narrative. thus, the expereince, the 3d films narrtaive,  just fails to be helped.  And story IS why we see fictional films… and watch TVs fictional narrative shows. Even non fiction as in “news” or “documentaries” have become “narrative required” duw to the linear nature of frame after frame media like TV and FILM.

Yes 3D was added to Films for “economic” reasons only- to drive more out of less. More dollars out of less movie goers in Theaters.  Theater releases are doomed economically except for young daters… the cinemas would do better adding “after the movie” coffee shop hangouts/ nightcaps and burgers sections than hoping 3D technology will keep them going for the next 30 years.

3D media – Used To click it, grab it, or affect it,…. its a great “experience” even with silly glasses…. But for experiencing single storyline narratives in a frame (or maybe even projected holographically one day:)…it dosent add reality, it just takes away from the virtual strength of the storyteller.

Ill clean this post up later.. but wanted to get it online while fresh.;)

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