The Secret History of TRANSMEDIA part 2 – Music to their Ears

Evolution, we always have a past form that informs our current forms. Same for Transmedia, and this post will mention two projects that also seem missing from the current transmedia webcastings.

Man from Monkey? How about the Family of man (A Partridge Family) from the Monkees. 😉

Within a year of the British Invasion of the Beatles (who became certianly transmedia-but did start as a club band;) the machine of US markets needed one of their own. The Beach Boys were also too “real” as band/songmakers, so the next step was to “completely” design and mass market a pop band and sell them via the mass image machine of TV. Thus “The Monkees” were created. A Casted, scripted, TV show, Album released, Fan Mag published – it was a hit. A few years later the same formula was used to create “The Partridge Family” As i write this post, 40 years later Im watching the TODAY show which has a woman who has written a book (top seller) all about her “love of david cassidy” (keith) at 13. The actor/singer has shown up on the show to give her a kiss, and plug his latest dinnner show in florida;) She of course is wearing her “official” fan club “keith partridge” pin from 1971.

So there are two quick transmedia IPs from the 60s and 70s that have models still being used today. Google them for more info. It’s all there.

BTW- Thanks to the excellent PBS series “Pioneers of Television” I learned myself that “Romper Room” 1950-60s a show from my earliest childhood (1960s), was actaully a “franchise”. Licensed out to local markets and locallized by their own ” tv teachers” and “the culture” of the local states populations;). BRILLIANT.

BOZO as well was a franchise. Amazing. These show certianly were the birth of true Electric mass media transmedia.

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