Just the future catching up with the tool makers. Sadly this times it’s and it’s  blender app that “was” created with the best intentions of making tools available for all. But again, were witnessing the disconnect between the best of human intentions, and the medium weve chosen to put all our cards into- virtualization and the machine.

For years weve watched as tools were replaced by “services” and the works made by those tools, subject no longer to their creators control, but only that of those ,copying and redistributing others works as a play to capitalize within a system that now advocates “distribution at any cost” as it’s culture. Ends with little care for the means.

First the content makers, now the tool makers, and soon of course the service makers…all devalued by their inability to value the works of the other.

After most “virtual worlds” have now died and taken the myth of web2.0 content making with them, we now see web2.0 platform making, eating itself alive as well…

Maybe one day we’ll have web3.0 and choose creative commerce:)

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