The C3 Home Computer – Pedestal Version from Second Life 2006



Here are some images of the 3D model version of the JIBO “like” C3 Home Computer I had built as used in Second Life back in 2006. I had two versions i showed, one with the original printer attached, i had removed the floppy disk drive “arm” and “speaker” by then, and one without the printer. I had forget I had these, they were in my CUBE3 office in SL back then, they linked to my website.

HackLab 3D Presentation from 7/17/14

Jibo looks a lot like My Designs for Home Computers from 1984;)




comp7comp6comp5comp5comp1Snapshot_001 Snapshot_003

comp3 comp2

Ill find some other images, but my pedestal home computers i did way back in college and some that influenced some designs i used for info kiosks in Second Life for StarbaseC3. seem to be “their” unique designs now:)  It looks like designs and memes that I thought would be the way we hopefully interacted with some technologies in the future, time has come;)


Update- i added some more images i found. so many are trapped in old digital media;)

the BW rendering on top shows one of the later versions of the pedestal family home computer from about 1992. the item in front of it was called the Scroll — an Ipad type device;)  the large triangular shape attached to the base as well was a printer…:) back then i figured people would be printing out lists and things to take with them as they left the home… 😉 but remove the printer and you get the idea;)

in also found the tape recorder for the table top i did at he same time in school in the 80s.. it was all about “leaning into the speaker” and “listening to them”… though not animated to pivot like the computer, it shows the design thinking  that i was into.:)

i have found some more images of the full sized mockups of the computer and some more of the rough concept sketches shown above.  ill post later. gotta head out to a hacker space meeting im speaking at.:)