360 VR History 101. QTVR 1999-2002 . Found Some CGI 3D Samples I had done.

here’s a blast from the past. about 13 years ago:) 360 video VR as it was.  It was by Apple. and called Quicktime VR.:) and their were a few early pioneers using it.


Requires QTVR Plugin. I tested it on Chrome and Firefox. seem to load fine.

This CGI Created SCI FI Scene, Originally made in 2002. Was Rendered in MojoWorld, a 3d planet maker:) Made by those who had made Bryce 🙂

The Starbase C3 Spaceships were offered as the first drop into a planet library objects for sale.

the original page with the offer is at http://www.starbasec3.com/pattitvr.html

I found this online- the SFWEB3D 2002 meeting about the Software and 360 panoramas.. note the post about ” its  definitely not VRML” 😉  the more things change, the more they stay the same. even then the forces of  realtime 3d vs rendered/or camera recorded environments was going on.


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