VR History 101 – Adobe made a VR 3D CHAT product?! say wha?!


Yes. Adobe the graphics giant DID spend years developing a multi-user 3D VR chat program and server. Called “Atmosphere” it lived in perpetual beta even before Second Life ever came out. When it finally was released it lasted about as long as Googles VR Chat Lively. ( Say WHA?! Google had a 3D VR Chat? ) which for both was only a few months until unceremoniously pulled by both companies. Adobe Atmosphere was online around 2001-4 or so. Lively from Google came about later, maybe 2006-7. It died in 2008.

The GHOSTSHIP was a DARK RIDE like mystery that i built in a weekend at the request of the software’s Evangelist who suggested i should make something for their contest. So I did. Won 3rd prize. 😉

Like most 3D VR chat worlds/online 3D min-games done they can no longer be experienced since the plugins and the servers are long gone. Here’s the link to the setup page and a set of images from the long dead Ghostship SS Atlantis. May new VR Chats have longer lives.;) Will the HMDs make the difference in finding mass adoption? I have some thoughts.


3 Responses to VR History 101 – Adobe made a VR 3D CHAT product?! say wha?!

  1. Donza3D says:

    ATMO Lives!! There are a few (well ok maybe 2) dedicated testers who keep the Atmo flame alive. Check out http://www.atmostats.com for info and links to worlds still enabled with chat. Come visit any time!

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