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  1. Hi there Cubic Space, recently stumbled across this & cube3.com and after a bit of snooping about it seems you are incredibly knowledgeable on virtual worlds design. I was therefore hoping to throw something at you for comment and feedback. My company specializes in Architectural Virtualization (virtual buildings & environments, even cities) mainly used in the real world by property developers, urban planners, architects, interior designers etc. In order to take photorealistic virtual interactive building models to the web however, we’ve literally had to start from scratch and in the process have built a ground up 3D engine capable of building and running fully textured and real time rendered interactive 3D online. This has been achieved through massive levels of optimization which have shrunk file sizes to never before seen levels in combination with a real time rendering engine which has no graphics hardware requirements (GPU or VRAM). What this amounts to in a nutshell is large scale, complex photorealistic interactive 3D environments that can run online in real time. To the reason for contact, while our business is purely in the real world, i was hoping to gain your insight into the potential use of our software in virtual worlds. Is there a place yet for photorealistic environs, or is the performance penalty still to great. And if the latter is the case, how close are our virtual models to making the grade? Sample here is 3.5MB (www.ixibit.com/gallery_012.htm) Very interested to hear your thoughts via reply email. Regards, Mick

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