Will be Moderating a Panel and Having a Booth at Digital Hollywood Next Week.


Hey all.

Fun week ahead at Digital Hollywood Conference. I’ll be Moderating a Panel on VR/AR Innovations on Thursday at 4pm. Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday we’ll also have a booth in the Exhibit Area. If you’re coming to the conference drop by and get interviewed by our exclusive team of “real news” journalists from CYNN.


Speak out about VR and AR today. We’ll also be featuring the “3D Transmedia Codes” and a peak at “Mediaverse.net”

Presenting “3D Transmedia Codes” at LA VR/AR meetup on 5/13/17. Come on Down.

Hi. I’ll be presenting the “3D Transmedia Codes” at the meetup on the 13th.

VR Developers demo and networking

Saturday, May 13, 2017, 4:00 PM

Expert Dojo
395 Santa Monica Place, Unit 308 Santa Monica, CA

28 360/VR/AR Pioneers Attending

Hey All,We do a monthly meetup in Santa Monica once a month where we’d like for VR developers and those looking to get into the industry to meet and show the games / experiences that they are currently developing.  We have a developer talk for the 1st hour, then we let people demo their VR/AR experiences from 4-6pm.Then at 6pm, we start our panel…

Check out this Meetup →

They are a great HOW TO for all creating VR and AR projects and intellectual properties. Based on decades of my works, I distilled these “blackboard equations ” that can help everyone creating for these mediums.

Come on down. Saturday at 3pm at the Expert Dojo in Santa Monica.



show #142: the trough

I did a podcast hosted by Drax this weekend. He hosted myself and Maxwell Graff in a conversation about VR/ AR and the Trough of Disillusionment talk now becoming the anti hype online. Take a listen, I’m sure you’ll find something to trigger you;)


Silenced. Online Now.


Worth a viewing. Had a great time working on this with Loren Feldman. It’s an important film in these times of MIPS and Media Intruding over our Realities.

Pokemon and AR mania hits.

These are some 3d “Cracker Fish” in AR i did for a nationally known client in a pitch almost 2 years ago. Too early it seems. But the game idea wasn’t much different than the Pokemon GO app now exploding through the globe. I still had the 3d models stored on my iPad, showing them once in a while to those who got AR.:) now it seems everyone’s an expert:)  here they are found floating in a Santa Monica Starbucks:)

Got a project use for AR, need one? email me.:)



Back in California…

Well. back in LA. Took some kicks on Route 66 and made it back to Crazytown. Who wants to talk VR , AR and Immersive narrative Storytelling? Email me.


Happy Holidaze 2.0 from Cube3.com


“3D Transmedia Codes” From Last Night’s Presentation at STORYCODE MIAMI


FloridaVR -State of Nature Project

a unity3d scene demo of a sealife gallery, part of the project start.


Storycode Miami – August 26th. Speaking about Narratives and RT3D / VR and more.