Pokemon and AR mania hits.

These are some 3d “Cracker Fish” in AR i did for a nationally known client in a pitch almost 2 years ago. Too early it seems. But the game idea wasn’t much different than the Pokemon GO app now exploding through the globe. I still had the 3d models stored on my iPad, showing them once in a while to those who got AR.:) now it seems everyone’s an expert:)  here they are found floating in a Santa Monica Starbucks:)

Got a project use for AR, need one? email me.:)




Back in California…

Well. back in LA. Took some kicks on Route 66 and made it back to Crazytown. Who wants to talk VR , AR and Immersive narrative Storytelling? Email me.


Happy Holidaze 2.0 from Cube3.com


“3D Transmedia Codes” From Last Night’s Presentation at STORYCODE MIAMI


FloridaVR -State of Nature Project

a unity3d scene demo of a sealife gallery, part of the project start.


Storycode Miami – August 26th. Speaking about Narratives and RT3D / VR and more.


Video about Transmedia VR Worldbuilding Design and more/ Delray TechSpace group meeting with speaker Larry Rosenthal. Video captured by Tom Roe.

Slideshow from the Delray Techspace talk on 3D/VR/AR Converge and Transmedia Worldbuilding

Cube3 doing a 3D media for VR/AR/ Immersive Media Meetup at Delray Tech Space.


Google Modular Phone – Cube3 Virtual Products Redux 1988


This is the Google Lapta Modular Phone Design from 2014. When I first saw it’s photo online I had an immediate ah-hah moment. It’s visual design, pretty unique, reminded me of some design studies i did way back in 1988 as I first began to ponder “virtualized product design”

I was able to photograph these renderings tonight as I had access to my old print portfolio from those days. Below are a few samples of the design studies i drew out. When I think of some of the AR/ VR virtual interfaces/objects that are being worked on now and shown in demos by Magic Leap and others I go back to these interface/virtual products that all came from the idea of the Macs CDEV (control panel device) and the removal of the brightness/contrast switches on the Mac SE’s . It was early, I was trying to push 3D GUI in 1988.It seemed so obvious to me:) since 2d GUI had just taken away some 3D Industrial designers knobs.;)  Enjoy.