“3D Transmedia Codes” From Last Night’s Presentation at STORYCODE MIAMI



FloridaVR -State of Nature Project

a unity3d scene demo of a sealife gallery, part of the project start.


Storycode Miami – August 26th. Speaking about Narratives and RT3D / VR and more.


Video about Transmedia VR Worldbuilding Design and more/ Delray TechSpace group meeting with speaker Larry Rosenthal. Video captured by Tom Roe.

Slideshow from the Delray Techspace talk on 3D/VR/AR Converge and Transmedia Worldbuilding

Cube3 doing a 3D media for VR/AR/ Immersive Media Meetup at Delray Tech Space.


Google Modular Phone – Cube3 Virtual Products Redux 1988


This is the Google Lapta Modular Phone Design from 2014. When I first saw it’s photo online I had an immediate ah-hah moment. It’s visual design, pretty unique, reminded me of some design studies i did way back in 1988 as I first began to ponder “virtualized product design”

I was able to photograph these renderings tonight as I had access to my old print portfolio from those days. Below are a few samples of the design studies i drew out. When I think of some of the AR/ VR virtual interfaces/objects that are being worked on now and shown in demos by Magic Leap and others I go back to these interface/virtual products that all came from the idea of the Macs CDEV (control panel device) and the removal of the brightness/contrast switches on the Mac SE’s . It was early, I was trying to push 3D GUI in 1988.It seemed so obvious to me:) since 2d GUI had just taken away some 3D Industrial designers knobs.;)  Enjoy.




Mad Men Finale Predictions- Plus some VR memes, v 3.0 – Bring on the Show!

Mad Men Finale Predictions- Plus some VR memes, v 3.0 – Bring on the Show!.

via Mad Men Finale Predictions- Plus some VR memes, v 3.0 – Bring on the Show!.

Post Material Design and Long Lost Articles- HELP ME GET THEM Please:)


Can anyone/someone please help me get a copy of these two articles I wrote for ID magazine 20 plus years ago?

Larry Rosenthal

VR History 101 -3D VR Immersive Interfaces. c.2002


I see many claiming to be working on the “first” 3D immersive interfaces for VR. This prototype plus others Cube3 created years ago all used RT3D as the medium for interactive Immersive interfaces.