I really suggest reading this article even though the new webzine “Continent” its published in,  has the silliest tagline Ive read in a long time.;)

Yes, OK, it’s not a “special report” and like usual not a “real” secret. I just needed a “story headline” to connect the narrative of the posts I’ve been making on transmedia recently.

For those who wish to continue makeing a living off  “creative content” and “ip” over the next 50 years, I can’t think of a more important article/topic Ive seen online in almost a decade.

You Judge.

A Sneak Peak of Tomorrow – Hero today, Reality Tomorrow

They just ended the”voting” phase of this contest to “create a hero for the 21st century” and the “Stan Lee Foundation”. As you all know Stan Lee was in  part responsible for the comic book stories and characters that have affected our culture and its thinking for over 50 years.

This world wide contest offers a unique view into the psyche of todays younger creative set. it would be wise for many to study the galleries. What you see there, mutliply by 1000, and youll have some idea of the future societies to come. Both Real and Virtual, and of course , combined;)

Many designs are “tracings” of older comic book, super heroes that have been our cultural gods and goddesses, or myths for a century, but others are something new. Something that will be as strange as a man in a bat outfit fighting crime was in 1940. Or of  heroes  who got “superpowers”  from  “radioactive”  accidents  in the early -mid cold war atomic 60s.

I tossed in an entry…I  had an idea that i thought might be a good “design/idea”  for the Lee Foundation. After the contest ends I’ll add some thoughts on the contest,  creativity in the age of the web and social media values .

Till then, I truly suggest the look at Tomorrow  the rather large gallery offers.:)

IBM “Patenting” Virtual World’s Design Principles and Methods?

The article suggests IBM wants to “Patent” Virtual Worlds Design Ideas/ Principles…. like “open spaces without clutter” ?! and the use of “transparancy for walls”?!. 😉

Where does one start?.. Maybe with Prior Art… With that “I” think “we” can offer some rebuttle to the “depth” of “non obvious” for the last “few” years of prim bending “expertise” IBM employee’s “discovered” in Second Life.

I hope this is just bad reporting or just dumb PR from an IBMr looking for a new job or blogger pundit deal.;)  Patenting Design methods and principles that seem to have been taught in Design schools (like Pratt) for a century, just because today’s non thinking /or paid off Patent Officers are still afflicted with MIPS – Media Induced Psychosis.;) is getting ridiculously dangerous in our society today. “One click Patents” and “information” wanting to be free– and tools licensed not owned… are all not good omens for the future of Design.

Anyhow- Im sure theres more or less to this. You go search it out. Feel free to use Cube3 digital worlds design for 20 years as prior art and thought.;)