More Non Meta Ideas from 1995 – Cubic Speaks!

Sometimes that history youre supposed to remember . not to make the same mistakes again, shows up.:) People don’t really believe me when I tell them that myself and others have  been consistant and for a very long time have offered the same wisdom from having used these digital mediations for trying to do our creative work since the late 80s.  But its true everyone must learn everything for themselves.. so:

This year the “generation SL” and “class of 2006” of VR experts are all facing the end of their “worlds” as Blue Mars and others, SL -included- wind down and delete their time. work. and creative efforts, with as much care as one shows when one steps on the living grass;) The requiem posts and such for the last year are pretty much evidence of this…well that and all the fired “meta experts”.:) now on Linkedin.:)

In this last year Jaron Lanier and others have been nothing but praised by “creatives” as they “lament” the digital affects on “humanity” that they themselves so loudly and well paid for, evangelized in the early-mid 90s,–  when they were young and hot with the WIRED crowd.:) And much more rewarded for driving tech religion rather than designing solutions both creative and practical for others to use in business and in balanced civic lives.

Anyhow, glad the rest of you are finally aboard. Now it’s you’re turn to watch machines repeat themselves for another 15 years.:)  If you want to.:) Now the’s time to see how “creative” you can be.:)


I was poking around the WAYBACK machine at and found this image on my website from the 90s. I guess when it was posted the “ideas” could have been called new. After a week now of “Blue Mars” requiems and new SL advice to a new CEO, the excitement the image offered now seems a bit sucked dry:)  2015 awaits!

Blue Mars Seems to be in the Red.

It seems that Avatar Reality, the makers of the virtual world platform “Blue Mars” hasnt had too much success in gathering a PC based “user generated” creative content world. Im not surprised given my experiences following the web3d – 3D design/creative markets for almost 20 years. They have announced a “restructuring” and new direction to move to ipad/iphone access of their platform. How this factors into the high end crytek engine they touted for years , or the OTOY streaming 3d systems they spoke of last year as the “best way” to do things, none of us know. What we do know is that early adopters and content makers again have been placed in the position of having “almost nothing” as the “tech platform” maker shifts and slides from one vision of self interest to another.

This continues the 15 year jouney of web3d to go beyond the “visions” of the “vc funded coders alone” and toward those who can make fuller products and services that can succeed beyond the tech press and culture/buisness. Its just a shame as the model to make games keeps showing a return when you combine good creative design, good technical design, good marketing and adult supervision in production and consumer services.

Shame, it’s all just more SYD MEAD visualized worlds, we’ll never get to see or experience virtually.

It’ll be interesting to see what “design” of application, Avatar Reality brings to ipads/iphones and mobile devices. One hint. – Deep immersion for mobiles is the cause of all those driving accidents and street bumps that continue to add up.:) and there’s many dress up doll apps in 2D that do the job and are easier to create dress patterns to sell.:)

It’s the Journey – SCIFI Corridors In Review

This is a great posting about the “corridor”. The unsung hero of  many popular movies and now video games.  The author states it’s probably a “really geeky” post, but i agree with some other talkbackers that in the “scary ride” category of movie and game entertainment genre, that really has been dominant in the last decades of visual  sci fi -adventure storytelling, that the sci fi  “corridor” truly has become mass medium in its own right.;)


Im surprised by the Q2 “release” statement from Adobe… we shall see…;) Also we shall see what “level of primetime” molehill offers. It may be a low level as WebGL and if so, all of the “killer web3D”  projects that will come out in 2011 versions of 1999  attempts at car configurators, 3d banner ads, furniture /room decorators, and mainly “clicker 3d games” will be seen.

If  Unity3D “does” get bought up by Autodesk, then the future of media on the web is a full out ADOBE vs AUTODESK — 2d vs 3d designer battle royalle as each industries “top dogs” of the moment will find out that they must choose to pay ball….maybe then reality of  the “entire 20 year sad game” of tool makers  running the design/media biz may come to moment of clarity for so many in the profession….

That or just more designers tied to shiny fates not of their own.;)